Bay-Bound Lone Grey Wolf

OR-93, the lone gray wolf on an epic California journey, nears the Bay Area:

No one is sure what he’s looking for, or why he’s so far from home.

He may be in search of territory, mates or prey, but whatever OR-93 is seeking, it’s taken him on an unprecedented journey that’s gripped wildlife watchers for over two months now. The most recent update from the young male grey wolf’s collar reveals that he’s closer than ever to the Bay Area.

"The last reading we received was Saturday and showed him to be in San Benito County," California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Jordan Traverso tells SFGATE. "He has crossed both 99 and Interstate 5 while he’s been in the state."

How the 2-year-old crossed two of California’s busiest freeways is a mystery, as is much of OR-93’s odyssey.

Keep your eyes peeled, Bay Area peeps. Stay vigilant.

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