Wear and Tear

Last week I wondered about the unused potential of my younger days. Now I’m rethinking it.

Since I started my life as a runner in April of 2020, I’ve encountered roughly two types of people. The first type exercises regularly and has few or no major injuries. The second type doesn’t exercise regularly, or they’re limited in the types of activities they can engage with because of injuries they’ve carried for many years. The injuries this second group include things like bad ankles, band knees, and bad shoulders.

The injured people usually have their injuries because of activities they engaged in when they were younger. Maybe soccer, football, or weightlifting in high school, college, or post-college. One of the flaws we have when we’re young is we think we’re invincible. We overextend ourselves and engage in dangerous activities. Death, and the chance of long-term injury seem like a far away possibilities. Sometimes this mentality allows us to achieve great things, other times it results in us hurting ourselves and paying for it the rest of our lives.

So those previous two decades where the most I physically exerted myself was walking around the flat streets of Manhattan? It turns out I was saving myself for my 40s. Who knew that while I was pickling my liver with Redbull & vokdas, Old Fashioneds, dirty martinis, and countless beers, my joints and muscles weren’t completely turned off, but gently idling, waiting to be used.

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