An open eye at 3m

It’s currently 3am and I’m up. I don’t know why. Well, maybe I do. I haven’t gone for a run since the weekend — so what reason for being tired does my body have? I also haven’t had any booze since Sunday. Oh, and I’m at hour 16 of a 24-hour fast, so my body is all types of fucked up and confused right now (yesterday I did an 18-hour fast).

Before I got out of bed just now I was trying to fall asleep to the podcast, 60 Songs That Explain the ’90s. This episode was about “What’s My Age Again?” by Blink-182. The host, Rob Harvilla, mentioned NOFX at one point, and that made me remember how much I dug NOFX in high school (also in the ’90s).

So now I’m wide awake, drinking coffee, writing this blog post, and AirPlaying NOFX throughout thought house. Gina’s out of town on business, so it’s just me, the cat, and the dog rocking out.

If you’r curious about NOFX and you dig punk, I invite you to check out their track, Soul Doubt.

Note to self: Stay vigilant, sure, but get some sleep. Maybe I’ll have a nap after I break my fast (I didn’t know that’s where the word breakfast came from until I was into my third or fourth decade of life).

k home office with a steaming cup of coffee on his desk, cyberpunk, cinematic

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