André 3000

André 3000
André 3000 smiling (via Twitter/X)

André 3000 has a new album out titled *New Blue Sun*. It’s ambient. It has flutes. It has no rapping or any vocals for that matter. It’s not what most people were expecting or wanting from André. I started listening to the album this morning. I’m not going to give a review yet. Reviewing an album after a first listen is almost always a bad idea.

*New Blue Sun* is an album from a man who’s not trying to have a blockbuster hit. This is an album from a dude who’s just making the album he wants to make, fuck the naysayers. I think that’s interesting.

As all the articles about Mr. 3000 I’ve read have mentioned it’s been 15 years since he’s put out any music. We’re clearly in Career Second Act territory and as you might know about Stay Vigilant, we’re all about the Second Act.

Keep doing your thing, André.