“I may have blown my fucking knee out tonight.”

middle aged man playing basketball and falling down, 4k, hyperrealistic

This was the text Jonathan and I got Friday night in our group text with James. There was one of two ways James blew out his knee: it was either from running or playing basketball. Turned out it was b-ball. James is an intense guy. He doesn’t have a medium speed, just off or full […]

Not everything has to be computerized.

manual coffee grinder

Not every fucking thing in your house has to be computerized and run on batteries. I have a stove, yes, but my wife bought a very useful digital pot for boiling water for tea and coffee. Fine. She mentioned getting a grinder, an electric one. I said, “Hold up.” Instead I bought this handy little […]


Mike Mulvey's resting heart rate, Jan 2023

This month I put alcohol on my list of things I need to stay vigilant about. I love beer. I love red wine (white wine can fuck right off). I also love bourbon. My problem is I love them too much. Once I start drinking I don’t like to stop. Drinking too much interferes with […]

Adding Gratuity to Your Tips?

Are you tipping on top of gratuity?

Today I’m staying vigilant about drink bills. My wife and I have guests staying with us and yesterday we took them on a little boat tour around Biscayne Bay. They had a bar onboard so we got some drinks. I checked the receipt and noticed there was a line item for Gratuity and one for […]

Top Dog Parasite

a savage wolf with an exposed brain made by Midjourney

We like to think ourselves as independent individuals that make decisions for ourselves, without the influence of external variables. That’s not true for us humans, and it’s not true for wolves (via National Geographic): What makes a wolf decide to strike out on its own or assert leadership of its pack? That question has long intrigued scientists. […]

“It might be time to cut bait.”

Pauly Shore & Brendan Fraser in Encino Man

This is what my friend Bryan said when I shared a link this morning about Dave Chappelle bringing Elon Musk onto the stage with him recently in San Francisco. I had not heard that expression before and I like fishing. I grew up fishing. Hell, Bryan and I fished king mackerel off the coast of […]

Get some eyes on your logo.

KIA logo

Over at The Drive, Rob Stumpf says 30,000 people per month are searching for the meaning of “KN car”: Last year, Kia decided that it was going to bring the brand into the 21st century. And it did exactly that by revamping its logo into something a bit more modern—gone is the old circular logo […]


iPad drawing, Untitled 104 by David Hockney, 2010

David Hockney is an artist who continues to stay vigilant about his art. This dude is 85 years old and he’s promoting a new book of his drawing he made on his iPhone and iPad: In 2009 Hockney began “drawing” this view on his iPhone (above), with just his thumb. “There was great advantage in […]

I’m nothing special.

Biomutant player attributes

I’m nothing special. I’m a pretty solid designer, but over my 23 years in the design game, I’ve worked with much more talented people than myself. What I lack in talent I make up for with hustle and a good attitude. People like working with me. Well, most of them, I think. I also genuinely […]

Keep your wallet in your front pocket.

a stack of dollar bills on fire

This is what my dad always used to tell me growing up. Especially when I was heading back to college. I went to Rutgers Newark. There was a nicer, greener, suburban campus in New Brunswick, but my graphic design program was based in the inner city campus. At the time in the mid-90s, Newark was […]