Small Companies Versus Big Fuckers

A man holding his hands out in front of him at an ATM

Are you getting stagnant at your job? Stifled? Then look for new opportunities and never turn down a chance to talk with someone (even if you’re not interested in the position). Now I’m going to switch positions and tell you not to take what you have for granted. Sometimes the grass is actually greener on […]

Five Hours of Sleep

a sleeping wolf in the forest generated by Midjourney AI

The BBC recently referenced a PLoS Medicine study describing the health problems that can arise from lack of sleep (via SlashDot): Those who slept five hours or less around the age of 50 had a 30% greater risk of multiple ailments than those who slept seven hours  Shorter sleep at 50 was also associated with […]

To what lengths have you gone to be great in your career?

Robert DeNiro's taxicab driver's license

Robert De Niro, or Bobby, as his friends and anyone who worked with him calls him, is an actor who has stayed vigilant for most of his acting career (some say 2002 was the year he stopped caring about acting, I’ll save that for another post). My favorite De Niro movie is 1995’s Heat. In […]

Down and Out in Paradise

Down and Out in Paradise by Charles Leerhsen

“One day about twelve years before he started to smoke and drink, Anthony Bourdain was born.” That’s the opening sentence in the new, unauthorized biography of Anthony Bourdain. That’s how you start a biography about Tony. This is an an unvarnished look at the man by Charles Leerhsen. According to Bon Appetit it’s, “…being criticized […]

Mark Harris

Illustration by Mark Harris

The other day I came across a New York Times headline that caught my eye, Viral Videos of Rats, Roaches and Grime? This Is How New York Flatters Itself. Then when I clicked on the link, the illustration at the top of the article caught my eye: The illustration is credited to Mark Harris, so […]

Kim Jung Gi

Photo of Kim Jung Gi in front of his art

There are very few people in any field that we can truly consider a “master”. Kim Jung Gi was a master. He died on Monday at the age of 47. Here’s a video of him drawing straight from his pen to paper, no sketching. Below is some of his work.

Feltron Annual Reports

Feltron Annual Report 2009, Cover

I started buying Nicholas Felton’s annual reports in 2009. These aren’t annual reports he’s done for companies, but annual reports documenting his own life. I would order 2 copies each year I bought one. He limited each year to 2,000 copies. They’re in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art. This weekend I […]

Visualizing a Life

Work Life Chart from Whatever You Think Think the Opposite by Paul Arden

An idea popped in my head when I was running the other day. This happens a lot when I run. When I run my mind gets to wander. I agree with David Goggins that listening to music when running is cheating. It’s important to be inside my own head, alone. The physical benefits of running […]

Wolves Disguised as Sheep

a wolf disguised as a sheep

I generated these images with Midjourney, using the text query: a wolf disguised as a sheep. What I like the best about Midjourney is the unexpected results.

Know When to Fold Em

Kenny Rogers wearing sunglasses

Yesterday one of my designers quit. Let’s call him Tater. Tater said yesterday would be his last day. Normally you give 2 weeks notice when you announce your resignation from a job so that projects and documents can be properly offloaded. Tater didn’t do this. My boss was really pissed Tater quit with no notice, […]