Don’t get fooled by novelty disguised as utility.

A Galaxy Z Flip unfolding into hundreds of sections

Last month on The Verge, Allison Johnson reviewed Samsung’s latest flip phone, the Galaxy Z Flip 5. Since the reintroduction of the flip phone category a few years ago by companies like Motorola and Samsung (Samsung’s first Galaxy Z debuted in 2020), I have yet to see a compelling use case for this form factor. […]


iPad drawing, Untitled 104 by David Hockney, 2010

David Hockney is an artist who continues to stay vigilant about his art. This dude is 85 years old and he’s promoting a new book of his drawing he made on his iPhone and iPad: In 2009 Hockney began “drawing” this view on his iPhone (above), with just his thumb. “There was great advantage in […]


VR headgear in a world of garbage

I’m being vigilant at how bullshit Meta’s Metaverse is. I’m not talking about Fortnite’s metaverse, or Roblox’s metaverse, or all the other metaverses in existence. I knew how bullshit Meta’s version of the metaverse was before I watched RTGame’s video, “I Played Facebook’s VR Metaverse so you never have to”, but if want to see […]