Down and Out in Paradise

“One day about twelve years before he started to smoke and drink, Anthony Bourdain was born.”

That’s the opening sentence in the new, unauthorized biography of Anthony Bourdain.

That’s how you start a biography about Tony.

This is an an unvarnished look at the man by Charles Leerhsen.

According to Bon Appetit it’s, “…being criticized by some of the late chef’s friends and family for being inaccurate.”

I have no way of proving what parts of this book are true or false, but so far none of what I’ve read sound like things Tony would have been unlikely to do. Drugs?! prostitutes?! Heavens no!

This could be a case where it hurts Tony’s friends and family to hear the truth, to hear the dirty secret details they don’t want people to find out about and then for the the world to read about them.

Down and Out in Paradise by Charles Leerhsen