Keep your wallet in your front pocket.

This is what my dad always used to tell me growing up. Especially when I was heading back to college. I went to Rutgers Newark. There was a nicer, greener, suburban campus in New Brunswick, but my graphic design program was based in the inner city campus. At the time in the mid-90s, Newark was the car theft capital of the U.S. Lucky me. My dad grew up in Brooklyn and Queens, so his advice wasn’t completely without merit. I mean, my ’91 Mercury Tracer did get broken into 3 times during college.

But this post isn’t about losing your physical wallet. It’s about all the crypto bullshit that’s been happening for the last few years. Holy hell, what the shitfuck is going on out there? If you’re unfamiliar, Molly White has been aggregating all the crypto crimes and “accidents” on her website, Web3 Is Going Just Great.

Just take this headline from November 12th: “ CEO admits company accidentally sent 320,000 ETH ($416 million) to another crypto exchange a few weeks prior”

Or this one from November 11th: “FTX claims it was hacked as more than $600┬ámillion is withdrawn”

These types of stories seem happen multiple times a day, every day.

My advice for this Monday morning is to stay the fuck away from crypto. My brother told me there’s bitcoin and then there’s everything else and the ‘everything else’ is the stuff you should stay away from.

Keep your money safe. Stay vigilant.

a stack of dollar bills on fire

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