Stay Vigilant was born in the woods of Northwestern New Jersey, incubated in Manhattan & Los Angeles, and birthed in San Francisco.

It’s the brainchild of a wolf tired of working for someone else. A wolf who tired of reporting to less talented sheep who only know how to mismanage. A wolf who finally stopped thinking of himself as a sheep. A wolf who saw other wolves – who were no smarter than him – launch successful businesses and realized he could start his own business. The result is a handmade collection of goods the founding wolf wants on his body and the walls of his home.

‘Stay Vigilant’ isn’t just the name of this company. It’s a rallying cry, a mantra, a guiding principle. “What should I stay vigilant about?” you might ask. The answer is the things most important to you. Not just having your eyes open to the things around you, but acting on your instincts. Family, career, health, creativity. Everyone will have a different list, in a different order.

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