VR headgear in a world of garbage


I’m being vigilant at how bullshit Meta’s Metaverse is. I’m not talking about Fortnite’s metaverse, or Roblox’s metaverse, or all the other metaverses in existence.

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a sleeping wolf in the forest generated by Midjourney AI

Five Hours of Sleep

The BBC recently referenced a PLoS Medicine study describing the health problems that can arise from lack of sleep (via SlashDot): Those who slept five

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Down and Out in Paradise by Charles Leerhsen

Down and Out in Paradise

“One day about twelve years before he started to smoke and drink, Anthony Bourdain was born.” That’s the opening sentence in the new, unauthorized biography

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Illustration by Mark Harris

Mark Harris

The other day I came across a New York Times headline that caught my eye, Viral Videos of Rats, Roaches and Grime? This Is How

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Photo of Kim Jung Gi in front of his art

Kim Jung Gi

There are very few people in any field that we can truly consider a “master”. Kim Jung Gi was a master. He died on Monday

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Feltron Annual Report 2009, Cover

Feltron Annual Reports

I started buying Nicholas Felton’s annual reports in 2009. These aren’t annual reports he’s done for companies, but annual reports documenting his own life. I

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