Illustration by Mark Harris

Mark Harris

The other day I came across a New York Times headline that caught my eye, Viral Videos of Rats, Roaches and Grime? This Is How

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Photo of Kim Jung Gi in front of his art

Kim Jung Gi

There are very few people in any field that we can truly consider a “master”. Kim Jung Gi was a master. He died on Monday

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Feltron Annual Report 2009, Cover

Feltron Annual Reports

I started buying Nicholas Felton’s annual reports in 2009. These aren’t annual reports he’s done for companies, but annual reports documenting his own life. I

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Kenny Rogers wearing sunglasses

Know When to Fold Em

Yesterday one of my designers quit. Let’s call him Tater. Tater said yesterday would be his last day. Normally you give 2 weeks notice when

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Having Standards

When you have standards, you produce work at a higher level and quality that most others in your field. The downside is you also make

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