Small Companies Versus Big Fuckers

Are you getting stagnant at your job? Stifled? Then look for new opportunities and never turn down a chance to talk with someone (even if you’re not interested in the position).

Now I’m going to switch positions and tell you not to take what you have for granted. Sometimes the grass is actually greener on the other side, and sometimes the grass you’re standing on at your current job is not that bad.

Case in point: Earlier this week I bought a ticket to fly back to San Francisco in December for my company’s holiday event. After I bought the ticket I reached out to one of my managing directors and asked him if payroll and expenses had already been processed (payday is tomorrow, Friday). He told me it had, but he could halt it, include my airline expense, and re-process payroll.

He didn’t have to do that. I didn’t expect him to say that after he told me payroll had been processed. At a larger corporation this would have never even been considered.

Is the company I work for perfect? No. Are there a lot of things I consider broken, things I wish they did better? Absolutely. But I also don’t have to wait another 3 weeks until my expenses post.

I also have admin control over my MacBook Pro.

Keep your eyes open to what you have, rather than what you’re lacking. Stay vigilant.

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