Wookmama - Mobile App by Julien Derreveau

Shout out to a friend and creative vigilante, Julien Derreveaux and his wife Zari Melendez, who just launched their new mobile app, Wookmama.

From their press kit:

Wookmama is a mobile app by partners Julien Derreveaux and Zari Melendez. The name comes from an expression that their little girls said when pointing at something compelling: “Wook Mama, wook!”

It became the name of their design practice wookmama.co dedicated to branding and visual experiences. The wookmama Color Companion App is the studio’s first self-initiated product.

Who is it for?

While Wookmama is a great companion app for creatives of all fields (interior, branding, fashion etc), it is also a useful and playful tool for anyone looking for clothing color pairings, interior painting inspiration, blog design etc.

I’ve already downloaded and started playing with the app. It’s really sharp and I can see it coming in handy on my projects.

Great work, Wookmama! Wook! Ha.