Frank the Tank

This month I put alcohol on my list of things I need to stay vigilant about.

I love beer. I love red wine (white wine can fuck right off). I also love bourbon. My problem is I love them too much. Once I start drinking I don’t like to stop. Drinking too much interferes with my daily running and getting a good night’s sleep.

So I’ve decided to stop drinking until my birthday in April. I’ve done this personal challenge for a few years now. When always ends up happening is the longer I go without drinking alcohol the less I crave it.

It would be much easier to keep drinking if the benefits of not drinking weren’t staring me in the face.

As you can see here in my Apple Health app, my resting heart rate immediately dropped when I started cutting out booze:

Mike Mulvey's resting heart rate, Jan 2023

Alcohol is essentially poison, but goddamn it is delicious poison.

Watch your drinking.

Stay vigilant.