Obese Wolves Can’t Catch Prey

obese man with a greasy shirt eating fried chicken

Quoting Slashdot quoting a person quoting The Guardian (the Guardian has a paywall): More than half of the world’s population will be overweight or obese by 2035 unless governments take decisive action to curb the growing epidemic of excess weight, a report has warned. About 2.6 billion people globally — 38% of the world population — are […]

“I may have blown my fucking knee out tonight.”

middle aged man playing basketball and falling down, 4k, hyperrealistic

This was the text Jonathan and I got Friday night in our group text with James. There was one of two ways James blew out his knee: it was either from running or playing basketball. Turned out it was b-ball. James is an intense guy. He doesn’t have a medium speed, just off or full […]


Mike Mulvey's resting heart rate, Jan 2023

This month I put alcohol on my list of things I need to stay vigilant about. I love beer. I love red wine (white wine can fuck right off). I also love bourbon. My problem is I love them too much. Once I start drinking I don’t like to stop. Drinking too much interferes with […]

Top Dog Parasite

a savage wolf with an exposed brain made by Midjourney

We like to think ourselves as independent individuals that make decisions for ourselves, without the influence of external variables. That’s not true for us humans, and it’s not true for wolves (via National Geographic): What makes a wolf decide to strike out on its own or assert leadership of its pack? That question has long intrigued scientists. […]

Five Hours of Sleep

a sleeping wolf in the forest generated by Midjourney AI

The BBC recently referenced a PLoS Medicine study describing the health problems that can arise from lack of sleep (via SlashDot): Those who slept five hours or less around the age of 50 had a 30% greater risk of multiple ailments than those who slept seven hours  Shorter sleep at 50 was also associated with […]