“It might be time to cut bait.”

Pauly Shore & Brendan Fraser in Encino Man

This is what my friend Bryan said when I shared a link this morning about Dave Chappelle bringing Elon Musk onto the stage with him recently in San Francisco. I had not heard that expression before and I like fishing. I grew up fishing. Hell, Bryan and I fished king mackerel off the coast of […]


VR headgear in a world of garbage

I’m being vigilant at how bullshit Meta’s Metaverse is. I’m not talking about Fortnite’s metaverse, or Roblox’s metaverse, or all the other metaverses in existence. I knew how bullshit Meta’s version of the metaverse was before I watched RTGame’s video, “I Played Facebook’s VR Metaverse so you never have to”, but if want to see […]

Kim Jung Gi

Photo of Kim Jung Gi in front of his art

There are very few people in any field that we can truly consider a “master”. Kim Jung Gi was a master. He died on Monday at the age of 47. Here’s a video of him drawing straight from his pen to paper, no sketching. Below is some of his work.

From Newark, Back to Miami

Landing at MIA

I wanted to make sure I got back to my house in Miami in time for Tropical Storm Ian. I always wonder if snapping shots out the plane window will ever get it old. They never seem to.

The Verge Redesign: A Lesson In Usability & Testing

The Verve redesign 2022

The Gist: Stay vigilant with your website. Always be thinking about how you can make it better. Don’t let it go stale, but also don’t relaunch it without first conducting proper reviews, critiques, and testing. Yesterday tech news website (blog?) The Verge debuted a new design. It’s not good, but I don’t think it’s for […]


a wolf in the style of Edward Gorey

I started Stay Vigilant with the goal of inspiring myself and others through examples and stories of artists, doers, [insert your own term] actively pursuing their goals, making things, and sharing them with the world. I’m also fascinated with career second acts. People who initially went down one road in the their career and then […]

More Bukowski

Charles Bukowski in the style of Egon Schiele

On the heels of yesterday’s tweet giving a shout out to Bukowski, one of his poems is all up at the top of Hacker News. One of the commenters on the thread shared another great Bukowski poem, Roll the Dice: if you’re going to try, go all theway.otherwise, don’t even start. if you’re going to […]