Mark Harris

Illustration by Mark Harris

The other day I came across a New York Times headline that caught my eye, Viral Videos of Rats, Roaches and Grime? This Is How New York Flatters Itself. Then when I clicked on the link, the illustration at the top of the article caught my eye: The illustration is credited to Mark Harris, so […]

Having Standards

When you have standards, you produce work at a higher level and quality that most others in your field. The downside is you also make your life more difficult because you won’t tolerate shitty work. Some people will complain that you can be difficult to work with. Ignore the whiners. Let them tap themselves out […]

Golden Darth Vader Skulls

golden Darth Vader skull

Last month I generated dozens of images in Midjourney based off the text query: golden darth vader skull, hyperrealistic, 4k I don’t know what this skull obsession says about me, but there it is. Here are a few images from the batch.