iPad drawing, Untitled 104 by David Hockney, 2010


David Hockney is an artist who continues to stay vigilant about his art. This dude is 85 years old and he’s promoting a new book

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Biomutant player attributes

I’m nothing special.

I’m nothing special. I’m a pretty solid designer, but over my 23 years in the design game, I’ve worked with much more talented people than

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VR headgear in a world of garbage


I’m being vigilant at how bullshit Meta’s Metaverse is. I’m not talking about Fortnite’s metaverse, or Roblox’s metaverse, or all the other metaverses in existence.

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a sleeping wolf in the forest generated by Midjourney AI

Five Hours of Sleep

The BBC recently referenced a PLoS Medicine study describing the health problems that can arise from lack of sleep (via SlashDot): Those who slept five

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